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Published on May 5th, 2013 | by Derek Slater


A story accidentally told with keywords

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The bit below was written as a LinkedIn profile summary. Humans reading it seemed to have either of two reactions: Some emailed to say “This is the best LinkedIn profile I’ve seen and I want to do something like this myself!” Others found it completely offputting. Algorithms loved it universally – it caused a huge spike in people finding the profile via search.

Moral, just as the manifesto itself aims to say: Don’t be put off by the mechanical-sounding nature of processes and concepts connected to search (SEO, keywords, etc). As long as you are thoughtful and have something to say, you can use those concepts to your advantage. They don’t replace the underlying principles of good content – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any value.



{Writing, video, audio, graphics} + Brains = Content
{Writing, video, audio, graphics} – Brains = Crap

Brains + Data = Analysis
Data – Brains = Counting

Brains + Search data + Interviews + Social = Audience analysis
Search data – Brains = Counting

Content + Audience analysis + UX/UI = Excellent content

UX/UI + Social + Clarity + Brains = Findability

Audience analysis + Findability = SEO
Findability – Excellent content = Crap

Goals + Content + Audience analysis + UX/UI + SEO + Social
= Content strategy

Content strategy = Winning
Removing Brains at any stage = Crap

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