Online Content Marketing in 30 Minutes

If you’re in business, you want more customers. Content marketing is a dynamic way to get them. In “Online Content Marketing In 30 Minutes”, you’ll learn how to efficiently and effectively share expertise and knowledge to attract and establish relationships with customers.

Using a simple, eight-step process, author Derek Slater shows how you can better leverage websites, email newsletters, social media and other resources to bring customers to you. Whether you’re an experienced corporate marketing executive, a professional content creator, or someone at a small firm who has only recently begun to manage the company’s Internet presence, “Online Content Marketing In 30 Minutes” will give you practical advice that will amp up your content marketing efforts. Topics include:

  • Building a content workflow
  • How to create great content
  • Best practices for content audits
  • Establishing measurable goals for traffic and sales leads
  • Google Analytics primer
  • Content promotion: From email newsletters to syndication
  • Content reuse and repackaging
  • Balancing SEO demands with creative considerations
  • How a smart approach to User Experience (UX) and calls to action can increase traffic and conversions.

“Online Content Marketing In 30 Minutes” also contains a bonus chapter filled with lists and other tools that you can start using right away to build great content.

Author Derek Slater is the editor in chief of a B2B website. He is also the founder of Content Informatics (, which helps marketers and content creators use online data sources to drive content creation, presentation, re-purposing, and performance enhancement. Derek is certified in Google Analytics and Inbound Marketing, and has written marketing and web copy for a variety of small to midsize B2C businesses. Follow him on Twitter at @derekcslater.

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