What is Content Informatics?

The best way to reach an audience is by focusing on them, not on yourself.

Content is now a tool not only for media companies, but for marketers of all sorts too. Well-crafted content provides a great way for businesses to reach, and build relationships with, potential customers.

The good news is that building “well-crafted” content isn’t an arcane magic. Tools in the digital world can sharpen your insight into what customers want, how they are reacting to the information you provide, and how to improve that information.

At the same time, these tools don’t REPLACE the need for direct interaction with customers.


Content Informatics is a process of understanding what your target audience cares about, based on both

- talking to them and

- analyzing data about what they do online.


Talking to them? Yes, for content creation, an irreplaceable source of “primary market research” is the customer interview. Journalism has centuries of practice in the art of the interview, so Content Informatics draws ideas from journalism.

Data? Yes, online offers built-in measurement and numerous aggregate data sources, many of them free.  Content Informatics incorporates data from:

  • subject-matter data from search engines and social platforms
  • behaviors of people on your site (time on site, pages per visit, bounce rate, paths) based on how they got there (search, social sharing, email)
  • conversion rates by content, by source, by call-to-action
  • results of A/B tests

Combine the insights and specific examples you gain through interviews with all this data, and you have the basis for creating engaging, useful content that matters to your audience.


So – here’s a sort of Websterish definition of Content Informatics, a summary of what’s above:

Content Informatics is data-informed content creation and performance management, working in conjunction with direct audience interaction.