Questions for your year-end analytics review

  1. Did our three KPIs improve year-over-year? Measure lots of things, yes, but let’s focus on three or four actionable metrics to guide our content decision-making.
  2. What were our most popular topics? Let’s revisit or expand on that coverage.
  3. Did we publish any unexpected duds? Can we learn anything from that (without overreacting)?
  4. What were our most popular formats and headline treatments? Let’s shift resources in that direction.
  5. Are our traffic sources changing? Which channels are improving fastest? What channels have the most potential for future growth? Are we earning links and shares as expected?
  6. Did our promotional efforts yield meaningful improvement? Did our social following grow? Is paid promotion giving us long-term growth or just short-term bumps? Is our newsletter doing what we want it to do? (Clicks aren’t the only goal, or necessarily even the right goal, depending on your audience.)
  7. Did our audience behaviors match usual seasonal patterns? If not, why?
  8. Did our audience’s device usage shift meaningfully? Some sites in 2020 saw a lot of growth in desktop visits. Does that reflect people stuck at their desk during pandemic lockdowns?
  9. Did our audience demographics shift meaningfully? Was that a goal, or an accident? What contributed? Do we need to do something different or stay the course?

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash